House Sitters – Police, Trooper or Retired FBI Agents

Experienced professionals to protect your home

mansionWhy place a regular house sitter in your home when you can leave your home in the care of a professional NYPD Police Officer or a NYS Trooper who is an experienced House Sitter.

Our Officers are professional, reliable, responsible and properly attired when at your residence. We will maintain your property as you left it. Bills that need to be paid will be paid to keep services connected. Plants, gardens, lawns and trees will be watered and maintained. Mail and phone messages will be forwarded, at your direction. Your pets will continue to receive the love, care and companionship that you showed them, and we mean all of them, dogs, cats, hamsters, horses and fish. One of our House Sitters has experience operating a farm.

Our law enforcement officers will give your property its usual occupied appearance to deter burglars, squatters and vandals. Our law enforcement Officers will check doors, windows and walk the grounds deterring burglars who may be lurking and take the appropriate action to keep your home and valuables safe.

Our Law Enforcement Officers will also perform any number of light duties to maintain your property. Finest Chauffeurs can arrange for a retired or active law enforcement officer to house sit at your home and we will provide supervision to insure the officer is there when required. We can provide two officers to cover two shifts if you desire. Our House sitters will care for your home per your specific instructions. We will work tirelessly to earn your trust in Finest Chauffeurs.

Please view links of people we have worked with in multiple capacities, [Community Service].


Off Season Services


We provide off season absentee services to our seasonal clients to assure that their home is visited and inspected on a regular basis.  During these visits, we check a myriad of items and provide basic maintenance services.  Details of each inspection visit is communicated to assure that everyone has an updated and documented status of their home to assure you so that you can have a piece of mind while you are away you’re your property.
Included Services:

  • Visit the home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Inspect predetermined items on the interior and/or exterior of the property
  • Document the visits and provide report to property owner via email
  • Forward mail and packages based on client direction
  • Serve as local contact for client alarm services
  • Vehicle checks
  • Storm preparation and follow-up
  • Coordinate and manage supplier access and services
  • Oversee special services
  • Home opening and closing


Home Owners, this is how you can prepare your home before you leave.

Being prepared to be away from your home is crucial to your ability to relax while you are gone. Here are some ways to ensure that you are all set:

  1. Always, make sure your house sitter knows when you are leaving (date and hour) and when you plan to return (date and hour).
  2. Leave all appropriate phone numbers as well as your cell phone, pager, fax or whatever contact information you have (such as conference organizer, hotel, relative’s cell etc).
  3. Make sure your house sitter has all your keys, garage door opener and/or any other items or codes necessary to enter your home. If you have an alarm system, do not forget to notify your service that your house sitter will be entering your home.
  4. Notify any appropriate neighbors or family members that you have hired a house sitter and that the sitter has permission to be going in and out of your home.
  5. Leave a list of any appointments or services, which will be simultaneously being provided (such as lawn and garden care, house cleaners etc) as well as contact phone numbers for these providers.
  6. Leave a list of instructions for houseplant care, fertilizer, watering schedule, mail/forwarding instructions, shopping lists etc.
  7. Make sure you have provided guidelines for visitors who may also enter the home, how you would want emergencies to be handled.
  8. Make sure to provide your house sitter with other local contact persons with respective phone numbers who have access to your home in case of emergency.
  9. If you are going to be away for an extended period, you may also want to notify the police that you will be gone.(Reference, the[Contact Us]